Service stations
Orec was founded in 1960 as a workshop for the repair of fuel pumps (“Officina Riparazione Erogatori Carburante”, hence the acronym o.r.e.c.). Starting as a mechanic’s workshop, the company soon developed building expertise and turned into a building company that specializes in the creation of service stations for the distribution of fuel and a reference provider for all the main oil companies.

Motorway service areas
In 2000, Orec started getting its first big orders for the building of motorway service areas, which include fuel pumps and a restaurant building. The company acquired customers from different industries: not only oil companies but also companies in the motorway industry and restaurant chains.

Restaurant buildings
Orec took its expertise outside the motorway network by building new restaurant franchises in urban areas, train stations, airports and shopping centers. In northern and central Italy, it worked on the total renovation or building from scratch of more than 300 restaurant buildings.

Retail and large-scale distribution
The expertise the company acquired in the area of food buildings allowed it to extend its activity in the retail industry and in the area of large-scale distribution buildings. The company works on supermarkets, shopping centers and shops in historical town center.

In 2011, Orec took part in the building of a big photovoltaic plant covering a surface of 220 thousand sq m, for a total of 7 Megawatt of installed power.

Major public works
Thanks to its SOA certifications, Orec is one of the companies that took part in the building of the new motorway section called and Arcoteem. Orec contributed to the building of 7 tollgates which include offices and buildings for maintenance and vehicle shelters.

In the Tertiary sector, Orec realizes for primary clients some new office buildings and new logistics buildings, as well as significant restructuring in business center.


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