A network of companies

Orec Network is a ‘network of historical companies’ that work in the field of general construction, in the form of a stable consortium.
Through the consortium, the activities are assigned directly to the company, thus minimizing the use of subcontracting.
All companies in the consortium are SOA certified.

Orec Network Scarltender office and safety office345
Orec Cantieri Srl 83%designing and building1
Contract Division Srl2%Food & Retail buildings1511
Building Division Srl2%Building constructions146
Energy Division Srl2%Fuel buildings 134
Eredi Campana 5%digging, asphalt and earthworks228
PR di Pirrello Renato 2%electrical plants1118
Ices mechanical plants1113
Intergeo Italia 2%environmental reclaims15